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My name is Tate Drucker.

I’m a photojournalist, travel writer, expedition guide, and expat living in Mozambique. I’m a passionate backpacker, outdoors enthusiast, overzealous reader, and I’ve traveled to over 80 countries in the pursuit of where I can find the best light, the best stories, and sometimes, the oftentimes, the best local ice cream.

As a photojournalist, filmmaker, and writer, I strongly believe in the power of storytelling, and how it can inspire people to explore corners of the world that previously felt too faraway or unattainable. This blog, The Upward Bound, is my mix of observations, experiences, tips and advice I've obtained after years of living and working on the road. Ultimately, the purpose of telling these stories is to bring the ends of the Earth to screens in my readers' hands, and to give them the tools, courage and inspiration to go out there and see it for themselves.

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